1. CHA and OWHA rules shall apply. Decisions of the tournament committee are FINAL.

2. Game times:

U13 A, U15 BB, U18 B: 10-10-12 stop time.

ALL OTHER DIVISIONS: 15-15-15 stop time.

IF THERE IS A SPREAD OF 5 or more Goals the Game will be RUNNING TIME and will CONITNUE TO BE RUNNING TIME UNTIL THE GOAL SPREAD is less than 5.

3. There will be a 2-minute warm up period prior to each game. The clock will be set for 12 or 17 minutes (depending on the division) and will continue to run until the first stoppage of the game.

4. All teams MUST be available to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of any game.

5. The OWHA minimum suspension guidelines will be strictly enforced. All suspensions will be enforced according the OWHA Hand Book.

6. Players will shake hands after the game once the referee gives the go ahead.

7. One-30 second time out will be allowed for each team during, U22 AA games, Any other division only during Elimination games - Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final games only.

8. A maximum of 17 skaters and 2 goalies may be registered with each team.

9. A player may only participate with one designated team in the tournament and may only participate in one tournament on any date.

10. To be eligible to participate in the tournament, the participants name must appear on the OFFICIAL OWHA APPROVED ROSTER form submitted. Players on Ontario teams must be registered with the OWHA. The OWHA “pick up consent” form will be honoured and must be included where necessary. IMPORTANT: The team manager must produce a clear and legible copy of the OWHA APPROVED ROSTER and all for review prior to the first game or at any time during the tournament when asked to produce the form.

11. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE and Zero Points for a LOSS.

12. Standings after the round robin will be calculated on the basis of the points awarded as per rule #12. In the event of a tie the following criteria will be used to break the tie.

    1. Winner between the tied teams when they played Head to Head (not applicable in a 3 way tie)

    2. Percentage as calculated by dividing the teams total “Goals For” by the sum of the teams “Goals For” plus “Goals Against”. (GF/GF+GA)

    3. Fewest goals against

    4. Most goals for

    5. Fewest penalty minutes

    6. Coin Toss (at the discretion of the Tournament Convenor)

    7. Following the tie Breaker Rules in order. Once a Tie Breaker rule has been used or is not applicable, it cannot be used again

12a. A MAXIMUM OF 5 GOAL SPREAD WILL BE USED in the calculation of team GF/GA's for each game. For example: if a team wins 8-0 then the GF/GA for these two teams would be 5/0 and 0/5 respectively.

13. Elimination Games (Round Robin - 5 Team Division), Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals are played to a Winner. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time a SUDDEN VICTORY 5 MINUTE overtime will commence. Teams will play 3 on 3 for this 5 minute over time (unless one or both teams are serving a penalty). AT NO TIME WILL THERE BE LESS THAN 3 PLAYERS AND A GOALIE PER TEAM ON THE ICE. Goalies can be pulled in this 5-minute overtime for an extra player! If still tied at the end of overtime a SHOOTOUT will commence. Each Team must designate 3 shooters (S1,S2,S3) on the game sheet prior to the start of the game.

13a. SHOOTOUTS: Each Team must designate 3 shooters (S1,S2,S3) on the game sheet prior to the start of the game. Teams do NOT switch ends for Overtime or Shoot Outs. Any player serving a penalty at the end of the overtime will NOT be eligible to participate in the Shoot Out and must remain in the penalty box for the duration of the Shootout. All Players, except Shooters and Goalies, will be on the bench. Once a player has shot, they will proceed to the penalty box. Shooters from both teams will shoot simultaneously, starting at center ice. All 3 designated shooters from each team will shoot. If still tied, each team will designate one shooter at a time until there is a winner. A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot.

14. All players and team officials must sign the game sheet prior to each Game. Only the HEAD COACH is required to sign the game sheet at the registration table prior to the game.

15. Flooding of the ice will occur at the end of each game and/or between 2nd/3rd period for longer games; and can be deferred at the Tournament Committee’s discretion.

16. Home Teams for all games (including playoff) are pre-set on the schedule.

17. For U22 AA: OWHL U22 AA ELITE RULES WILL BE FOLLOWED FOR JERSEYS. All other divisions: Home teams must wear light coloured jerseys. In the event of a conflict the Home team must change their jerseys. Visiting Teams must advise the Home team of any conflict 30 minutes prior to game time.