The final Schedule has been updated and is now available (subject to change due to errors).

At this time, we ask for you to triple check your team schedule and advise on any issues. We've had many run throughs, but with league scheduling coinciding with tournament scheduling, we too are human and may have made a mistake.

Local Teams in the following divisions can play either Wed Nov 3rd or Thurs Nov 4th between 6-11 PM: U13 AA, U15 AA, U15 A, U18 A and U18 BB

All Teams are to be ready to play FRIDAY MORNING as early as 8 AM


  • Teams are automatically registered when the HEAD COACH signs the game sheet for game one.

  • Ensure to sign-in prior to your first game and provide an ELECTRONIC copy of your OWHA APPROVED Roster Form (if you haven't already submitted it)

  • DRESSING ROOM LOCKS - Please note that arenas do not provide Room Keys. Teams are advised to bring their own LOCK and KEY.

  • We're Going GREEN: The following is available online at our Tournament Website


The OWHA has advised that they are working with RAMP to have it ready for tournaments. However, they cannot guarantee this will be in place for Stormfest. On that note, game sheets will be used and Teams are to bring enough labels for all their potential games (round robin and potential elimination games). Players will NOT have to sign the game sheets. Only the HEAD COACH will have to sign the game sheet. Another registered Staff Member may sign the game sheet in lieu of the Head Coach if not present.

In RAMP, your Team has access to an option to print roster labels. Alternatively:


When using paper game sheets, teams can create their own labels and only the Head Coach of the team will need to sign the game sheet. Players do not need to put their signature on the game sheet. All OWHA Discipline Policy and Procedures will have to be followed regardless of whether paper or electronic game sheets are being used. Team must email if a suspension is issued to a player/staff on the team. This must be done within 24 following the end of the game in which the suspension was issued, or prior to the team’s next game.

Teams must bring their own team labels, 3 per game**.


U13 A, U15 BB, U18 B: 10-10-12 games: At the beginning and end of each game.

U13 AA, U15 AA, U15 A, U18 BB: 15-15-15 games: At the beginning and end of each game.

U18 AA, U18 A, U22 AA: 15-15-15 games: At the beginning, during the 2nd and 3rd period and at the end of each game.


At anytime, should you require assistance please see a convenor at your arena.

Tournament Emergency Contact: 416.799.1990 or

We hope everyone has a great time at the tournament.

Best of Luck to All Teams.

North York Storm